Fostering Wellness at ROMS
Posted on 11/08/2023
FOSTERING WELLNESS AT ROMSInspired by "UMatter" week's success last year, Royal Oak Middle School counselors have decided to make mental health a regular part of student life. Every Wednesday in the Gathering Place during lunch, students are invited to join the Wednesday Wellness Sessions.

The first session held last month focused on origami, enhanced with positive messages. These folded creations reside in grade-level offices available for students needing a pick-me-up. Beyond indoor activities, ROMS offers daily outdoor recess with various sports and items donated by the community for the students to use. The school's grounds team created two flag football fields, a soccer, and a kickball field. Plans are in motion for a volleyball court due to rising interest.

ROMS's journey embodies its mission of inclusivity, diversity, and a focus on students, bringing the community together for wellness and excellence.