Teaching Diverse Histories Grant
Posted on 03/11/2024

Some members of our curriculum department, teacher leaders, and principals are working to develop a plan regarding teaching diverse histories. This plan will be used as part of our application for the 99d Teaching Diverse History Competitive Grant offered by MDE.

Section 99d School Aid Bill provides $6,000,000 from the state for local districts to do both of the following:

  • Develop and implement plans for professional learning
  • Teach the fullness of American history
  • Include the history of communities of color and marginalized communities
  • Include teaching of local history
  • Include teaching of cultural competency
  • Purchasing books and educational resources to support diverse histories
  • Supporting the goal of teaching American history to middle and high school students that reflects the state's diversity.
  • Focusing on increasing the teaching of the history of communities of color and marginalized communities

Our goal is to incorporate targeted professional development for our teachers around the goal of increasing instructional practices that focus on teaching American history and cultural competency. We’re excited about this opportunity for our teachers and students better to understand our diversity and fullness of American history.