Teachers of the Year

Celebrating Our Teachers of the Year
Posted on 04/25/2024
Teacher of the Year

We surprised three teachers over the last few weeks when we recognized them for Royal Oak Schools Teacher of the Year.

A surprise was in store for Royal Oak High School Teacher Kirsten Williams, who was named Royal Oak Schools High School Teacher of the Year! She sat amongst her peers during a professional development session when Interim Principal Angela Ashburn started discussing teacher of the year. "In choir, her ability to engage students through creative teaching methods, foster creative thinking, and instill the love of learning and music is commendable," she read before announcing Kirsten's name. Kirsten was happily surprised by her husband and family members, Superintendent Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of Staff and Student Services Patrick Wolynski, and Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Joseph Youanes.

At the middle school, Lindsey Potterack was introduced by colleague Kate Chambers before receiving her honor. Kate shared that Lindsey built a math intervention program from the ground up and has seen extreme success with student growth and confidence. "Not only does she go above and beyond for her students, but she does the same for all of us," Chambers said referring to the entire ROMS staff. Lindsey was not only surprised by the recognition but also by members of the Royal Oak Middle School Student Council in attendance for the presentation.

At Oak Ridge Elementary School, Lois Mann was recognized as Elementary Teacher of the Year. Superintendent Fitzpatrick surprised Mann during a professional development activity at the elementary school. Fitzpatrick said to an overwhelmed Mann, "Over 5 decades... think of all of the children you have worked with and helped to succeed." Mann has been teaching for 50 years and has made such an impact on the Royal Oak community. She was presented with an Oak Ridge Teacher of the Year t-shirt with the #50 on the back from her peers.

You can watch their reactions with this link.