Timothy Boyer

Three teachers from Royal Oak Schools were recognized at the School Board Meeting on March 12, 2020.

Alyssa Reimold, Sarah Bockhausen, and Timothy Boyer were recognized as Teachers of the Year.

Alyssa Reimold

Alyssa Reimold is a 10th - 12th grade Design and Technology teacher at Royal Oak High School. She has been named the High School Teacher of the Year. She has a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts Education. She has been teaching for 11 years, all of which have been spent in the Royal Oak School District. She is known for recognizing her students as individuals and maintaining a calm demeanor that students are responsive to. "I've never seen a student make bad behavior decisions in front of her," a fellow teacher said.

Sarah Bockhausen

Sarah Bockhausen teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies at Royal Oak Middle School. She has been named the Middle School Teacher of the Year. Bockhausen has been teaching for 9 years, and has two degrees in Elementary Education. Two of her years teaching were spent in the Czech Republic, and the other 7 were with the Royal Oak School District. Bockhausen is known as an innovator at the middle school, developing community projects and lesson plans that benefit both students and colleagues. "She creates a good classroom environment for everyone," one of her students praised.

Timothey Moyer

Timothy Boyer is a 4th grade teacher at Upton Elementary. He's been teaching for 13 years, 6 years at Upton, and has been named Elementary Teacher of the Year. He has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Oakland University and a degree in Education Instruction and Curriculum from Central Michigan University. His passion for science has been described as 'contagious' and parents appreciate his open communication. "Mr. Boyer represents all that a parent would want in someone who is teaching their child," a parent said.