WOAK Accepting Video Submissions


Have you recently taken video at your child's school of a special event, club competition, field trip, engaging in-class project, or an outreach program that had good results? WOAK is now accepting video submissions to cablecast on the Royal Oak Schools cable channel. What's going on in your school that makes it a great place to learn? Share your event or story with us and the rest of our community!

Here Are A Few Rules And Guidelines To Follow For Submission:

  1. Submissions should be on mini-dv (digital video) tape or dvd and have a "CablecastRequest Form" with them. You can intra-school mail submissions from your child's school to WOAK at Royal Oak High School.

  2. Please be aware of students who do not wish to be videotaped. They and/or their parents may not have granted permission for their work or photo (individual or in a group) to be published via website or video according to the Technology Use Student Personal Information Web Release Form. You can ask their teacher and/or verify in the school main office.

  3. If your submission is not an event like a concert etc., it should include the answers to "who, what, when, where and why" so it makes sense to viewers.

  4. If you have editing capability that allows for graphics, please include a program title that contains the school's name at the beginning, and credits at the end (i.e. producer, camera operator, special thanks). Please include the date of the event in the credits. If you don't have graphics available, provide the needed information on the cablecast request form and we can add it to the beginning and end of your submission for you.

  5. Submissions are subject to review by WOAK staff. WOAK reserves the right to not cablecast material found to be unsuitable.

  6. Submissions containing a lottery, advertising or obscene material will not be cablecast.

Quick Tech Tips:

  • Think about lighting - have well lit surroundings and subjects.
  • Remember that audio is important, use an external microphone if you can.
  • If you use the "in camera" microphone, make sure you can hear your main subject well in your earphones.
  • Tripods provide steady, smooth shots.

We look forward to seeing what you think makes your school special and a great place to learn!

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