Connecting to your iGeneration Child

Guest Speaker on Adolescent Health & Social Media
Posted on 01/01/2024

Guest Speaker on Adolescent Health & Social Media

Join us on January 29 for an enlightening evening with guest speaker Nicole Runyon, an expert on social media's effects on adolescent health.


From 6:30 - 8 PM, Nicole will share insights into how screen usage influences the psychology of children. This event is a must for parents and community members interested in staying informed and engaged in the well-being of our youth. This event will be held in the board room. 


Nicole describes this event as, "an insightful talk for parents of children of all ages from infants to young adults, that explores the intricate relationship between technology and child development. As parents and educators, understanding the fundamental causes behind the challenges our children face in this tech-driven era is crucial." 


 Key Insights: Uncover the deeper dynamics influencing the iGeneration. Rather than labeling it a mental health epidemic, let's dissect the intricate socio-cultural fabric shaping their experiences. 


Use this link to register to attend.