K-12 English Language Development

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We believe  our diverse families add educational and cultural value to the Royal Oak Schools Community of Excellence. 

We are committed to offering high quality academic and language services to English Learners, as well as community support and services for their families.
Royal Oak Schools offers comprehensive language assistance programming for all of our multilingual learners. English learners are identified through a home language survey and screening process. Students at all levels are placed in age-appropriate classes and are provided with coordinated services based on their needs.
ELD teachers at each level (elementary, middle, and high school) are responsible for the scheduling of students in ELD classes/small groups. As required by law, Royal Oak’s Language Acquisition Program (LAP) focuses on two main components of support for ELD:
  • Meaningful Access to the Core Curriculum
    • These are the supports that are put in place to support ELD to access the core instruction in the classroom and may include push-in support from an EL teacher or paraprofessional, language instructional supports created in collaboration with content/classroom teachers, and/or extra tutoring.
  • Direct English Language Development Instruction
    • This instruction is intentionally designed to develop English language. The support must be provided by a certified and endorsed EL teacher and must happen with “sufficient frequency and intensity as to ensure that students achieve proficiency in English.” ELD instruction is focused on building the language students need to communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content areas (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies), and for social and instructional purposes. 



Hannah Sells, ELD Coordinator and K-5 Teacher (Upton, Addams, Northwood)
Telephone: 248-549-4968 ext. 2040
Email: [email protected]

Julie Molnar, K-5 ELD Teacher (Oakland, Oak Ridge, Keller)
Telephone: 248-542-4406 ext. 5501
Email: [email protected]

Julia Giacoma, High School ELD Teacher
Royal Oak High School
Telephone: 248-435-8500 ext. 1042
Email: [email protected]



Karina Landis, Middle School ELD Teacher
Royal Oak Middle School
Telephone: 248-541-7100 ext. 2097
Email: [email protected]

Violet Andoni, ELD Paraprofessional and Albanian Interpreter
Email: V[email protected]

Janka Demiri, ELD Paraprofessional and Albanian Interpreter
Email: [email protected]